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Who Is Tony Hinchcliffe’s Wife?

There isn’t much out there about Tony’s personal life. It seems he’s chosen to keep it under wraps or maybe there’s just not much to tell. Some folks speculate he might be gay based on a comment he made on social media, but he’s never come out and said it outright.

On Twitter once, he mentioned that he gets treated like he’s gay by attractive women, while gay men treat him like he’s one of the attractive women. That’s about all we’ve got on his romantic life for now.

Who Is Tony Hinchcliffe?

Tony Hinchcliffe, the comedian, had his mom as his rock while growing up. He went to Ursuline High School, graduating in 2002. He’s joked about how his sarcastic nature landed him a punch on his very first day of school.

Tony Hinchcliffe Biography

Tony Hinchcliffe is an Ohioan who was born in Youngstown on June 8, 1984. He and his mother, whom he would like to remain unidentified but who he regards as his rock, grew up on the north side of the city.

Graduating from Ursuline High School in 2002, Tony’s upbringing in a rough neighborhood shaped his quick wit as a defense mechanism. However, it also got him into a bit of trouble – he famously received a punch in the face on his very first day of school while riding the bus.


Full NameTony Hinchcliffe
Nick NameTony Hinchcliffe
Main ProfessionComedian and writer
Born InYoungstown, Ohio
Age37 years old
Height1.70 m
Heights in Feet5 feet and 6 inches
Heights in cm170 cm
Weight68 kg
Weight(s) in pound149 pounds
Dates withTo be Updated
Marital StatusSingle
SpouseWill be Updated Soon
SalaryNot Known
Net Worth$10 Million

Tony Hinchcliffe Age

Tony Hinchcliffe, born on June 8, 1984, is currently 38 years old. He hails from Youngstown, Ohio, which is his hometown.

Tony Hinchcliffe Height

In addition to their skill, we frequently appreciate our favorite celebrities for their commitment to upholding their physical appearance. They often inspire us, and we even try to emulate their looks—be it height, weight, hairstyle, eye color, or sense of style.

In reference to Tony Hinchcliffe, he stands about 1.70 meters tall and weighs about 68 kg.It’s important to remember that weight varies, therefore these numbers may alter over time.


Tony Hinchcliffe had no idea that what he began doing at the tender age of seven as a coping strategy would grow to be his main source of income. In the present day, he is a reputable roaster who mingles with some of the biggest comics in the business.

His journey into the world of comedy kicked off in 2007 when he made the bold move to Los Angeles to chase his dream. Starting from the bottom, he hit up open mics at The Comedy Store in Hollywood. Initially, he was just working the phones and handling the cover booth, but soon he became a regular paid performer at the iconic venue. As time went on, he opened doors for other comedians like Jeff Ross and Joe Rogan to hit the road.

Tony became well-known for his ability to mercilessly make fun of both other comics and members of the audience while performing. He doesn’t hesitate to use his dark sense of humor to address delicate or awkward subjects. Jeff Ross, who is frequently referred to as the “Roastmaster General” and frequently appears on Comedy Central Roast, was drawn to this edgy style. Tony views Jeff as a mentor who has influenced the direction of his comic career.

Tony Hinchcliffe’s Achievements And Awards

Tony Hinchcliffe has really made a mark as a roaster and stand-up comedian. He owes a big part of his success to Jeff Ross, who helped him land his first writing gig. Since then, Tony’s been writing jokes for stars like Justin Bieber, James Franco, and Rob Lowe on the Comedy Central Roasts. He’s also had a hand in crafting laughs for “The Burn With Jeff Ross,” a fun comedy panel show.

Net Worth

Tony Hinchcliffe has not only gained recognition within the comedy community but has also built up a substantial net worth. Thanks in large part to Jeff Ross, Tony’s mentor, for his support and guidance, he has been able to secure lucrative contracts that have facilitated his financial success. As of February 2024, his estimated net worth is $10 million.This person’s future growth is probably guaranteed given his love and dedication to comedy.

It’s clear that Tony’s success speaks for itself in less than two decades. While his edgy style of comedy might sometimes push boundaries, he’s quick to apologize if anyone feels offended – he never aims to harm. Aspiring comedians can definitely look up to him as a role model, learning the value of hard work and persistence in chasing their dreams.

Is Tony Gay?

Despite what some may assume, Tony is straight, not gay. However, his appearance and the punchlines he delivers in his comedy routines have led some to mistakenly think otherwise. Additionally, his married life serves as further evidence that he is indeed straight.

Personal Life

Turning to Tony Hinchcliffe’s personal life, he’s happily married to Charlotte Jane, a well-known model and the daughter of Australian racecar driver and entrepreneur Bob Jane. Despite being married, the couple hasn’t welcomed any children yet.

While Tony identifies as straight in terms of his romantic interests, he’s faced some controversy. In May 2021, he found himself in hot water after making derogatory remarks towards Asian American comedian Peng Dang. His comments, including racial slurs and mocking Dang’s accent, sparked widespread backlash against Hinchcliffe.

Social Media

Keeping your personal life a secret in the high-tech modern world can be difficult, particularly for famous people. Social media platforms allow prominent figures to interact directly with their supporters, so it’s important to strike a balance between giving favorable feedback and handling unpleasant attention.

Just like many other celebs, Tony Hinchcliffe likely chooses what he shares on social media carefully. It’s a way for him to interact with his fans while also safeguarding his personal space and boundaries.


Delving into the personal life of comedian Tony Hinchcliffe reveals a balance between privacy and public scrutiny. While he keeps much of his personal life under wraps, recent controversies and his marriage to Charlotte Jane, daughter of Australian racecar driver Bob Jane, have thrust him into the spotlight. Despite misconceptions about his sexuality due to his comedic persona, Hinchcliffe identifies as straight. This article navigates through his background, career, marriage, controversies, and social media presence.


  1. Early Life and Career Beginnings: Born on June 8, 1984, in Youngstown, Ohio, Tony Hinchcliffe developed his sharp wit as a defense mechanism in a rough neighborhood. His journey into comedy began at the age of seven, eventually leading him to Los Angeles in 2007 to pursue his dream.
  2. Career Trajectory: Starting from humble beginnings at The Comedy Store in Hollywood, Hinchcliffe worked his way up from handling the cover booth to becoming a regular paid performer. His dark humor and roasting skills garnered attention, leading to opportunities like writing for Comedy Central Roasts.
  3. Marriage and Personal Life: Tony Hinchcliffe is married to Charlotte Jane, a model and the daughter of Bob Jane. Despite being in the public eye, the couple has managed to keep their personal life relatively private.
  4. Controversies: In May 2021, Hinchcliffe faced backlash for making derogatory remarks towards Asian American comedian Peng Dang, including racial slurs and mocking his accent. The incident sparked discussions about racism and accountability in comedy.
  5. Social Media Presence: Hinchcliffe maintains a social media presence, interacting with fans while carefully managing his public image. Like many celebrities, he selectively shares aspects of his life while maintaining boundaries.


Is Tony Hinchcliffe married?

Yes, Tony Hinchcliffe is married to Charlotte Jane, daughter of Australian racecar driver Bob Jane.

What controversies has Tony Hinchcliffe been involved in?

Hinchcliffe faced backlash in May 2021 for making derogatory remarks towards Asian American comedian Peng Dang, including racial slurs and mocking his accent.

What is Tony Hinchcliffe’s stance on his sexuality?

Despite misconceptions due to his comedic persona, Hinchcliffe identifies as straight and is happily married to Charlotte Jane.

How does Tony Hinchcliffe handle his social media presence?

Hinchcliffe interacts with fans on social media while carefully managing his public image, sharing aspects of his life while maintaining privacy.

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